New book: Geographies of the University

The edited book Geographies of the University (2018) is a special publication:

(1) With 21 open access chapters from an international and interdisciplinary group of scholars, it is by far the most voluminous book in the Klaus Tschira Book Series on Knowledge and Space.

(2) This book was finalised by the editors Michael Heffernan and Laura Suarsana at a time when lead editor Peter Meusburger had very sadly fallen ill. Hence, together with the series editor, they dedicated the book to Peter, highlighting that “Peter passed away just as this volume went into production in December 2017. We cherish his inspirational leadership as an original researcher, a passionate teacher, and a much-loved colleague.” (Johannes Glückler, Mike Heffernan, and Laura Suarsana in Meusburger et al. 2018, v).

For an electronic copy of the book, please click here.