Project title Sabbatical for all? The origins, development and geographies of academic travel at Harvard University and the University of California at Berkeley, 1776-1960
Funding organisation British Academy
Funding period 2017-2019
Investigators Heike Jöns
Webpage The University on Sabbatical
Project title Academic mobility and migration in the Brexit era
Funding organisation UUK/Migration Research at the University of Sheffield
Funding period 2017-2018
Investigators Heather Ellis, Vassiliki Papatsiba
Project title Exules et proselyti: academic conversion, exile and refuge in the confessional age
Funding organisation Gerda Henkel Stiftung
Funding period 2017-
Investigators Richard Kirwan
Project title Expert nation: universities, war and 1920s & 1930s Australia
Funding organisation Australian Research Council
Funding period 2016-2019
Investigators Tamson Pietsch & colleagues at six Australian universities
Webpage Expert Nation
Project title Scholars on the move: The role of academic travel in the emergence of the German research university, c. 1700-1914
Funding organisation Fritz Thyssen Foundation
Funding period 2016-2018 & 2018-2020
Investigators Heike Jöns, Dean Bond
Webpage Scholars on the Move
Project title Decolonising geography? The history of geography and the end of the British empire
Funding organisation King’s College London
Funding period 2016-
Investigators Ruth Craggs
Project title VIA – Virtual Itineraries of Academics
Funding organisation European University Institute (EUI)
Politecnico Milano
University of Luxembourg
Funding period 2016-
Investigators Mikkel Munthe Jensen, Marco Quaggiotto, Joëlle Weis
Webpage VIA
Project title How to know the world: The Floating University and the politics of knowledge in the age of American internationalism
Funding organisation Australian Research Council
Funding period 2013-2017
Investigators Tamson Pietsch
Webpage The Floating University
Project title Educational networks, educational identities: connecting national and global perspectives
Funding organisation Fritz Thyssen Foundation
Funding period 2013-2016
Investigators Heather Ellis, Simone M. Müller
Project title The transformation of Nordic academia and academic culture during the eighteenth century: from learned cosmopolitanism to patriotic internationalism
Funding organisation EUI
Danish Ministry of Science
Funding period 2013-2017
Investigators Mikkel Munthe Jensen
Project title The civic university: the policy and leadership challenges
Funding organisation Newcastle University Strategic Development Fund
Funding period 2013-2016
Investigators John Goddard, Ellen Hazelkorn, Louise Kempton, Paul Vallance
Webpage The Civic University
Project title Higher education and capacity building in Africa: the geography and power of knowledge under changing conditions
Funding organisation Danish School of Education
Funding period 2013-2015
Investigators Hanne Adriansen, Lene Møller Madsen, Stig Jensen, Rajani Naidoo
Webpage Capacity Building in Africa
Project title Anglo-German scholarly networks in the long nineteenth century
Funding organisation Centre for British Studies, Humboldt University of Berlin
Funding period 2011-2014
Investigators Heather Ellis, Ulrike Kirchberger
Project title Nigeria’s university age: reframing development and decolonisation
Funding organisation AHRC
Fulbright Commission
King’s College London
Funding period 2010-2017
Investigators Tim Livsey
Project title Repertorium Academicum Germanicum (RAG)
Funding organisation Union of German Academies
Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences
Funding period 2007-2019
Investigators Rainer Schwinges, Kaspar Gubler, Carmen Tellenbach and collaborators
Webpage RAG Online
Project title Habsburg University 1848-1918: biography of a space (PhD thesis)
Funding organisation University of Vienna
Funding period 2007-2012
Investigators Jan Surman
Project title International networks of Oxford and Cambridge universities in the 20th century
Funding organisation Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
University of Nottingham
Funding period 2004-2006
Investigators Heike Jöns, Mike Heffernan
Webpage Oxbridge International
Project title International academic relations of the Federal Republic of Germany, 1954-2000
Funding organisation Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
Funding period 2002-2004
Investigators Heike Jöns, Peter Meusburger
Webpage The Humboldt Fellowship Programme
Project title Scientific interaction across borders: an actor-network based approach to research stays of US scientists in Germany, 1972-1996 (PhD thesis in German)
Funding organisation German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
University of Heidelberg
Funding period 1997-2002
Investigators Heike Jöns
Webpage The Humboldt Award Winner Programme