New publications: International critical geography traditions and Nordic socio-spatial theory

HistGeogUni member Henrik Gutzon Larsen published three items of interest to the geographies of the university because these discuss different traditions of critical geography from a wide range of international perspectives and in relation to social theory:

Jakobsen, P., Jönsson, E. & Larsen, H. G. (eds) (2022) Socio-Spatial Theory in Nordic Geography: Intellectual Histories and Critical Interventions. Cham: Springer.

Larsen, H. G. (2022) Must be Marxist: A situated history of Danish radical geographyAntipode (e-pub ahead of print).

Berg, L. D., Best, U., Gilmartin, M. & Larsen, H. G. (eds) (2021) Placing Critical Geographies: Historical Geographies of Critical Geography. London: Routledge.